All laser machines in aesthetics are extremely precise tools for specific uses, with the ability to protect the area surrounding the treatment spot and affect only the element for which wavelength it has been designed. It’s all about precision for specific tasks.

But this accuracy is its greatest virtue and also it’s the biggest limitation since each laser is usable for a specific kind of treatment. To be able to attend different customers with different needs, it’s necessary to have an extensive variety of machines available. For domestic use, they’re useful only for small treatment areas since it lacks the ability to cover wide areas that makes treatment very slow to apply.

Price: Lasers are always more expensive machines and, due to the type of technology and risks, you don’t really want to bet on a cheap, bad quality laser.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

The Intense Pulsed Light machines are less precise than lasers but are highly versatile due to the broad spectrum of wavelength you can use. In many cases, it can be more effective than laser treatments if the laser at hand isn’t suitable for the kind of follicle and/or skin-toned to be treated.

Its biggest selling point is versatility. The possibility to do many treatments with one machine: Hair Removal, Hyperpigmentation, vascular, acne, rejuvenation, etc. is, by far, an excellent added value when you invest in this technology. Maybe the most challenging aspect of an IPL will find the right machine at the right price since the market is full of very cheap and bad quality IPL’s that really don’t perform well, results are poor or none and risks are high, must of them are not even approved by the FDA.

If you can find a high quality and performance IPL for a reasonable price you will get one of most profitable machines in the Medical-Medical Spa business, with a quicker ROI, great results (not so far from a laser) happy clients and more “bang for the buck”.

To conclude: Both technologies are good; you just have to identify your needs, business size, what you expect, your budget and how fast you expect your ROI to be.