Protecting the largest human organ in the body can seem complex for many clients. The reason is that there exists an overwhelming number of definitions and treatments, which might seem identical from the outside.

Today, we will focus on one of the most widespread pain-free, non-surgical technologies in the industry: lasers (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) and (intense pulse light IPLs).


Laser machines are extremely precise tools used for multiple purposes in the aesthetics industry.

Laser skin surfacing has a monochromatic coherent light with a focused wavelength that acts deeper than IPLs.

Its non-invasive beams trigger a skin area and help to revitalize collagen fibers. Lasers’ selective photothermolysis help to keep the good cells out of the equation.

Compared to IPLs, Lasers penetrate deeper into the skin, helping to minimize wrinkles, acne, scars, and other skin affections. This is one of the reasons why patients usually report more notorious downtime symptoms, like a minor swelling, due to the laser’s in-depth action.

There are different kinds of lasers. Every laser has specific light beams that work at a certain wavelength, allowing the energy to penetrate more or less deeply into the skin layers.

The lasers that stimulate the melanocyte cells are perfect for hair removal or to treat hyperpigmented lesions such as melisma, lentigos, or dermal hypermelanocytosis. The lasers that trigger oxyhemoglobin help to treat vascular lesions such as rosacea.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

The Intense Pulsed Light machines are less precise than lasers but are highly versatile due to the broad spectrum of wavelengths you can use.

It ejects pulsed light at a wavelength in the range of 200 – 1200 nm.

In many cases, IPLs can be more effective than laser treatments if the laser isn’t suitable for the kind of follicle or skin tone to be treated.

For instance, our Dualmax II: has the same powerful DUALMAX IPL technology with an upgraded 2500W (was 2000W), improved ergonomics, and a new cutting edge design. It is ideal for hair removal, photo-rejuvenation, hyperpigmentation, vascular lesions, and acne.

DUALMAX IPL’s biggest hook is its versatility: hair removal, hyperpigmentation, vascular, acne, and integral skin resurfacing.

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