Multishape II - The Ultimate Body Sculpting and Skin Tightening Device

Multishape II: Unique safe cavitation technology, for the most effective deep therapy body sculpting and skin tightening system.

Multishape II is the evolution of the slimming and skin tightening technologies through the combination of the traditional endermology (no body suit), rollers and suction, and others like focused RF, focused LED, infrared, and the big deal breaker… Cavitation, but a safe and very effective Cavitation: the special concave and light handpiece brings the skin to the ultrasound keeping bones and other organs safe, while completely exposing the fat to the effect.

The heavy handpieces and exhausting treatments are a thing of the past, achieve the best penetration for immediate results, provide the best lymphatic drainage for quick fat dissolution and release, sculpt beautiful bodies with reduction, lifting, skin tightening and elimination of cellulite.

Have the great advantage to offer comfortable and very effective treatments without burning, bruising or damaging the skin, do a whole treatment with beautiful integral results. Go for a Multishape II.

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Specific Applications:

• Body sculpting / Fat reduction / slimming.
• Cellulite.
• Butt lifting.
• Breast lifting.
• Facial rejuvenation / skin tightening.
• Underarm, neck, legs and other flaccid skin areas skin tightening.

Multishape II is a non-surgical, easy to use, no downtime, comfortable and deep therapy body contouring and skin tightening system.

Multishape II - body sculpting and skin tightening
MultiShape II employs a combination of technologies to achieve the best results:

• Bipolar RF – 3 RF frequencies: adjustable penetration depth: deep, medium and shallow.
• Infrared focus light – LED matrix – Convex lens focused.
• Vacuum massage Two modes of operation: cyclic operation and high-frequency vibration. There is no redness during the procedure, nor recovery time after treatment.
• Mechanical rollers: 2 motorized rollers actively massage the skin.
• Two disks with ultrasonic Cavitation, which provide two-sided processing of the area, in combination with three types of RF depth allow you to achieve maximum effect.

Five Technologies in one:

Bipolar RF

Three frequencies RF. Penetration depth: Deep, Middle, Light.


Dual transducers focus on the target area. Bipolar RF and Cavitation output simultaneously.

Focus Infrared

Matrix LEDs. Focused by a convex lens.

Vacuum Massage

Two working modes: Cyclical working & Hi-frequency vibration working. No purpura, no downtime after treatment.

Mechanical Roller Massage

Two eccentric rollers. Actively roll up and massage the skin tissue.

Treatment Principle:

Cavitation with 60kHz low frequency shakes fat cells violently, which effectively treats with the hard fat cells; During the shaking, there is an exchange of positive and negative. Thus the fat cells get pressure unevenly, as a result, they blast.

The infrared laser reduces skin impedance by heating skin and RF energy penetrates deeply into connective tissue; The synergistic combination of infrared laser and conducted RF energies increase the oxygen intracellular diffusion by heating the skin.

Vacuum plus specially designed rollers manipulate leads RF penetration to be even 5-15mm. At the same time, Vacuum and roller mechanical tissue manipulation nips and stretches fibrillar connective tissue, effectively breaks down subcutaneous fat as well as the extruded capillary vessel, Increase lymphatic drainage, promotes metabolism and reduces or shrinks the size of the actual fat chamber and greatly improved body contouring effect.

The technology that vacuum folds skin makes RF energy penetrate a specific folded skin, greatly improve effect and safety, even for the upper eyelid area treatment.

Cavitation Machine

Four Handpieces, Multiple Treatments Options:

Multishape II - Handpiece 01 - body sculpting and skin tightening

Handpiece 01

Bipolar RF + Focus Infrared + Vacuum Massage

Treatment area:
Arm, Leg, Shoulder.

Multishape II - Handpiece 02 - body sculpting and skin tightening

Handpiece 02

Bipolar RF + Focus Infrared + Vacuum Massage + Mechanical Roller Massage

Treatment area:
Abdomen, Waist, Back Thigh, Buttock.

Multishape II - Handpiece 03 - body sculpting and skin tightening

Handpiece 03

Bipolar RF + Focus Infrared + Vacuum Massage

Treatment area:
Face, Neck, Eye.

Multishape II - Handpiece 04 - body sculpting and skin tightening

Handpiece 04

Vacuum Massage + Cavitation

Treatment area:
Abdomen, Waist, Back Thigh, Buttock.

Three filtering stages system:

Three times cleaner and easy maintenance, to ensure it never brakes.

Multishape II - body sculpting and skin tightening

Stage 1: When starting the cleaning procedure and filling the water with 45-60 degrees celsius from the window of the applicator. Waste Bottle can store dirty water. Cleaning once per month keeps the entire air pipes totally clean.



Stage 2: SMC Filter absorbs the redundant oil or cream. Working like an indicator, it is can be easily uninstalled and repeatedly used after cleaning.



Stage 3: Inner installed Gas-oil Separation Container further prevents any oil or cream from going into those inner components.

MultiShape II Technical Specifications:

Vacuum20KPa - 90KPa
Working Mode1-8s cyclical working
High-frequency vibration working
Radio Frequency Power150w
Cavitation Power60W (Max)
Cavitation Frequency60 kHz
Roller rotation number15RPM
Rollers distance0.4NM (Max)
Power supplyAC230V±10%,50Hz±1Hz/
Rated input power650VA
Display Screen: Main Machine10.4-inch touch screen
Display Screen: Handpiece N°2 & N°42.4-inch color display screen
Machine sizeLength 520mm × Width 650mm × Height 1670mm
Net weight50kg


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Clinical Results

Skin Tightening

Before and afterBefore and after

Eye Bag

Before and afterBefore and after

Fat Reduction

Before and afterBefore and after


Before and afterBefore and after


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