AQUAJET New Multifunctional Skin Care Beauty Machine - Supramedical

AQUAJET: New Multifunctional Skin Care Beauty Machine.

AQUAJET is a new multifunctional skin care beauty machine specially designed for facial rejuvenation, its technical principle is based on two handles, one with a strong vacuum and the other with atomizing spray technology, this combination together with the use of any water-soluble serum offers the patient a deep facial cleansing, exfoliation, and infusion seeking to rejuvenate, shine or simply enjoy a deep clean.


• Facial cleansing
• Extraction (whiteheads, blackheads)
• Exfoliation
• Skin Brightening
• Skin rejuvenation (infusion)


• High-pressure atomizing spray and strong vacuum

• The treatment principle deconstructs the basic HydroFacial treatment in two powerful wands which make the cleansing and infusion process a lot more effective, this increases not only the speed of the results but also makes the treatment more comfortable and safe.

• Ergonomic handles offer an improved operator experience, less fatigue, and better performance.

AQUAJET Technical Specifications:

Screen typeFull screen
Handpiece typeVacuum suction HP & AuqaJet HP
Changeable liquid tankThree
Air supplyInner air supply
Output of negative pressure-30KPa ~ -60KPa
Output of positive pressure100KPa ~ 300KPa
Diameter of atomized particles≤50μm
Spray speed>250m/s
Rated input power450W
Power supplyAV230V±10%,50Hz±1Hz
Net weight20Kg
Physical dimension525mm x 480mm x 1520mm


Two Handles:

AQUAJET New Multifunctional Skin Care Beauty Machine

High-pressure atomizing spray function.

AQUAJET New Multifunctional Skin Care Beauty Machine

Vacuum suction function.

AQUAJET works with our °Elements facial products


Clinical Results

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