The complete buyer’s guide for Cavitation Machines

So you’re looking to expand your practice and add new machines to your business! Cavitation and fat reduction machines are a good place to start, with high demand among clients. We know the market is full of options for your MedSpa, but it can be tough and time-consuming to...

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Elements Microdermabrasion - Supramedical

Diamond Microdermabrasion

This week we’ll dedicate to a facial procedure that’s been around for a while, but still very effective as a stand-alone treatment or as a pre-treatment together with a laser session, or aqua facial, we’re talking about “Microdermabrasion”, also known as Microderm, for those who aren’t familiarized with this procedure;...

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Pros and cons Between Lasers and IPL’s

Laser: All laser machines in aesthetics are extremely precise tools for specific uses, with the ability to protect the area surrounding the treatment spot and affect only the element for which wavelength it has been designed. It’s all about precision for specific tasks. But this accuracy is its greatest...

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Tattoo be gone!

How to eliminate the tattoo? “Tattooed regrets” this is one of those things that stopped being a problem some time ago when it was realized that laser technology could be used to get rid of those, previously “permanent” decisions. Basically, a high-intensity laser beam is targeted at the ink...

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A little more on tattoo removal

In our last article, we went over a couple of facts of what the tattoo removal process involves but there are a couple of things more to be said about all that comes after you make the decision to get rid of a tattoo. There are many factors that...

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Radio Frequency TriPollar Technology

What is it? One of the biggest advances in esthetical medicine made in quite a while! Using a TriPollar system to emit specific radio frequencies to the target area allows the machine to model and contour your body by using a contrloled heat to destroy lipid tissue beneath your...

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Other Tripolar Radio Frequency benefits

Among the different effects of the Tripolar radio frequency technology is the generation of new collagen of the same quality as the one we produce in our youth which generates the so sought after “lifting” effect which also prevents and helps decrease skin aging. Other effects that come with...

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And what about LED based skin rejuvenation?

LED therapy has become one of the most used solutions for skin rejuvenation treatments since it has painless and fast results paired up with minimal risks and side effects. It has also been one of the most scientifically tested tools and, so far it has passed every single test...

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Dry Eye treatment with IPL technology

True, you read IPL and dermatology is the first thing that comes to mind, but IPL just happens to be a more versatile technology than most people would think. For some time, it has been used to treat chronic dry eye disease and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction of the eyelids using...

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